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Hybrid project


  1. Performance Hybrid project to satisfy renewable energy convergence and zone complex, Electricity and heat supplying project by installing complementary energy facilities like Photovoltaic and wind power on residential, public, and commercial (industrial) buildings in specific areas.

KEMCO(Korea Energy Management Corporation)'s Hybrid support project in 2013

Project name : Green energy self-supporting Sam-ma island)
Date : Sep 2013 ~ Sep 2014
Capacity : Wind 30kW, PVs 120kW
ESS : 1,200kW
Organizer : Haenam-gun, GEI(Green Energy Institute)
Participant : Seoltech Co.,Ltd., Wongang power Co.,Ltd., Woojin Co.,Ltd., Hanhwa Q-sell Korea
Project brief
This convergence generating system adopts optimum integrated operating technology to monitor and control decentralized power supply hybrid system output and each module state, so as to minimize the drive of a diesel generator for maximum fuel reduction effect in island regions home and abroad where diesel generators are used for main power sources.
The goals of this project is to construct the stand-alone convergence generating system using more than two kinds of renewable energy sources (PV's, wind power) in an isolated island without power lines connected to the main land; and to construct a 100% renewable energy self-supporting island in response to its power demand.

KEMCO(Korea Energy Management Corporation)'s Hybrid support project in 2014

Project name : Construct a Green-wind village Sangtae & Joongtae island
Date : Sep 2014 ~ Aug 2015
Capacity : Wind power 50kW, PV's 110kW
ESS : 500kW
Organizer : Sinan-gun, GEI(Green Energy Institute)
Participant : Seoltech, Wongang power Co.,Ltd., Sungang SG
design and production of sunlight and wind power regulators
design and production of output inverters
design and production of energy management system
design and production of energy storage system;
construction of stand-alone generation system.
Project breif
This project is intended to distribute convergence renewable energy source and hybrid system to island regions without power lines connected to the main land for improving energy welfare of residents (stable power supply) ; to contribute to developing tourism resources according to clean energy distribution; and to contribute to commercial model development of hybrid system based micro-grid.

KEMCO(Korea Energy Management Corporation)'s Hybrid support project in 2015

Project name : Energy self-supporting village in Hadong-gun Moktong
Date : Dec 2015 - Oct 2016
Capacity : Wind power 6kW, PV's 30kW, Small Hydro 99kW
Organizer : Hadong-gun, Moktok Carbon Zero Village Co., Ltd.
Participant : Seoltech, kc-solarenergy, Daeyang hydro
Project breif
To develop local energy that does not use carbon, to create a self-sustaining environment for energy production and supply in villages, and to create sustainable regional development model through local revenue generation in connection with tourism resources