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Wind turbine

System diagram

Small & medium wind turbine & Parts and materials

  • Durability Technology : Composites-Nacelle, blade, anti-corrosion
  • Stability Technology : Over wind speed and control apparatus (electric) + tail folding (mechanical)
  • High efficiency system : Direct drive PMSG : slot-less, blade, power coefficient (Cp) 0.429
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Web monitoring : real-time monitoring function
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Warranty : more than 3 years
  • System Certification : Renewable energy equipment certification, NEP(New Excellent Product), PPS(Public Procurement Service) Excellent Product designation - the first time in Korea
  • Factor authentication components: completion of generators, inverters -CE,blade static load testing, demonstration tests
  • The annual average wind speed apply more than 4.5m/s

Technical ensure stability (Safe & Duration)

Control method of generated voltage
When the generator voltage is constant voltage or more,some part of the input voltage turn to a power consumption as Dump Load resistance.
Brake operates by Electric Brake as mechanical, three-phase short circuit brake as electrical.
General Connection
Phase nember 3phase
AC voltage 0 to 500Vac
AC current 0 to 11.5Aac
Generator Frequency 0 to 400Hz
Rated power 1 to 5kW
Inverter Connection
Voltage limitation 500Vdc
total output 3/5kw
General Information
Rectifier Integrated
Dimensions 280W X 220H X 130D mm
Weight 5kg
Dump Load Resistor Connection
Quantitiy 1
Nominal voltage 400Vdc
Continuous power 1 to 5kW
Function Short barake, E-brake(Option)
System protection method
When over wind speed(more than 15m/s), furling(folding tail section of nacelle) is working, It protect system by reduced fatigue load on the blade, nacelle and shake the tower and vibration.
Electric brake and 3phase short circuit brake is operates with furling working at the same time, it activated by applying triple safety devices.