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Product features

  • Variable Speed, Pitch controlled
  • DD, Permanent magnet synchronous generator
  • Active yaw drive system
  • High reliability and low maintenance Wind Turbine
  • High AEP
  • 5 Year Warranty


Rated Output 75kW
Rated Power 10 m/s
SWT Class
Tip Speed Ratio 6~7
Rotor diameter 19.5 m
Swept Area 298.5 m²
Rotor RPM 50~60
Cut in Wind speed 2.5 m/s
Hub Cast Steel
Blade Airfoil ROY 1235
Material & Surface Treatment GFRP/Resin Urethane painting
Brakes Disc Brake, Pitch, Yaw
Yawing Active Electric motor
Tower 24~30 m
Design Life 20 yrs
Design Standard IEC61400-2, 23

Output curve

Annual Energy production