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R&D Center

R&D Center

  1. We are doing R&D of renewable energy-related wind turbine, PV's, convergence energy storage power converting wind turbine. We continue to develop solutions for customer oriented products, recruiting and training regional talent with the mission. Our final goal is to secure competitive edge in the market based on high quality and to provide customer impression, differentiated technology and service.

  • Wind turbine : blade, pitch-yaw control algorithm,mechanical load reduction technology, SCADA
  • PMSG (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator) : direct drive, high efficiency
  • Design and development of BLDC Motor and controller : from low speed to ultrahigh speed
  • PCS- Design and development of power converting system, wind power, and ESS (Energy Storage System)
  • Construction of wind power complex : Project evaluation and meteorological observation
  • Renewable energy business consulting . from development planning to mass production of the product