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2015.06Certification of renewable energy equipment -

10kW wind turbine(WT-SWS-1-0010)

2015.06Honam Branch establish (Muan-gun Cheong-gye

agricultural industrial complex)

2014.06Development of 75kW wind turbine

2014.01Investment agreement with Jeollanam-do

2013.11Obtained certification a Excellent product from

Procurement agency(2013189)

2013.06Obtained certification a NEP(New Excellent


2012.06Contract a 1MW wind turbine

2011.10Development of 10kW wind turbine

2011.10Certification of renewable energy equipment -

3kW wind turbine (WT-SWS-1-0006)

2011.08Export of 2MW PV's Inverter in Thailand

2010.12Certification of renewable energy equipment -


2010.05Move to new construction of company building

2010.04Development of 100kW Inverter

2009.12Registration of Electrical construction & Renewable energy company

2009.11CE certification-PM Generator, Grid connected Inverter(EN60034-1:2004)

2008.06Appointed a Export promising company (2008-5)

2007.10Certification of ISO-9001/14001 (KorQ-071763, KorE-070856)

2007.01Change to a corporation, ROHS (A-31594)

2006.11Certification of Inno-Biz

2006.09Register a company of specialized in Parts and materials

2006.07Register a venture company (2008104995)

2006.06Establish R&D center affiliated company (20062338)

2006.01Register a factory

2000.04Establish a company (CEO : Chang Woo Sur)