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2018.08Conversion of 3kW, 10kW wind turbine generator

system to KS certification

2018.01KS Demonstration of 100kW(WindRose) turbine

(Korea Institute of Energy Research in jeju)

2017.05Demonstration of 100kW Wind Turbine in Thailand

2016.12Extension of 3kW small wind power NEP new

product certification

2016.12Development of 100kW wind turbine(WindRose)

2015.06Certification of renewable energy equipment -

10kW wind turbine(WT-SWS-1-0010)

2015.06Honam Branch establish (Muan-gun Cheong-gye

agricultural industrial complex)

2014.06Development of 75kW wind turbine

2014.01Investment agreement with Jeollanam-do

2013.11Obtained certification a Excellent product from

Procurement agency(2013189)

2013.06Obtained certification a NEP(New Excellent


2012.06Contract a 1MW wind turbine

2011.10Development of 10kW wind turbine

2011.10Certification of renewable energy equipment -

3kW wind turbine (WT-SWS-1-0006)

2011.08Export of 2MW PV's Inverter in Thailand

2010.12Certification of renewable energy equipment -


2010.05Move to new construction of company building

2010.04Development of 100kW Inverter

2009.12Registration of Electrical construction & Renewable energy company

2009.11CE certification-PM Generator, Grid connected Inverter(EN60034-1:2004)

2008.06Appointed a Export promising company (2008-5)

2007.10Certification of ISO-9001/14001 (KorQ-071763, KorE-070856)

2007.01Change to a corporation, ROHS (A-31594)

2006.11Certification of Inno-Biz

2006.09Register a company of specialized in Parts and materials

2006.07Register a venture company (2008104995)

2006.06Establish R&D center affiliated company (20062338)

2006.01Register a factory

2000.04Establish a company (CEO : Chang Woo Sur)